Hello! My name is Daniel Pedraza. I'm a public interest technologist,engineer, and entrepreneur.
My 'home' is San Francisco, CA these days. I am a third culture child, and have been an expat most of my life. My spelling & pronounciation are an amalgamation of my journey. People don't realize I'm ESL, until they do. I also have an accent because of Tupac, Biggie, and the NBA. Here you can find a synopsis of my career. Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut – since I didnt make it into space, one could say I am a failed astronaut? If you have a ticket to space, hit me up. I'm willing and able to go!
Currently, I am verifying IDs at Berbix where I lead Customer Success / Trust & Safety. I was also a proud member (twice) of the Assembly program at the Berkman Klein Center. We're studying, and looking into, the ethical, policy, and legal implications of artificial intelligence.
Believe it or not, I spent some time serving the United Nations as Data Innovation Specialist at UN Global Pulse, part of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General.
On my journey I have made a mark at various places but most notably, I began my career as an Aerodynamicist in Formula One 🏎🏁!