Daniel Pedraza: bio

Daniel ‘dp’ Pedraza

Long version: Daniel Pedraza is an engineer, entrepreneur, and technologist from Mexico. He is passionate about leveraging technology at scale, has danced across several disciplines, and deeply relates to techno-optimist philosophies. Daniel is currently a Data Strategist at UNICEF. In addition, he recently co-founded Veilos, a deep-learning startup rethinking global insights for development & security. Daniel's energy is full of optimism and a youthful naïveté, however he is fully aware there are inherent risks with all new technology. He has spent time looking at the open challenges to harnessing technology for public good, previously serving the United Nations as Data Innovation Specialist at Global Pulse, an innovation initiative harnessing big data for sustainable development and humanitarian action. Daniel is most inspired by working on solutions to intractable challenges that face humanity. In his spare time, he looks for opportunities and partners to help spark new ideas to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons as an advisor at N Square. As a child Daniel dreamt of becoming an astronaut, leading him to study aerospace engineering, focusing on computational methods and aerodynamics. He never made it into space.
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